Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My reserved spot

We were on the move early today as our appliances were being delivered. A spot between 7 and 11 has been "reserved" for us as if it's a gift to be able to get up in the dark and drive up to the rancho. Just our luck - the truck arrived at 11:00. The two drivers were moderately upset at the difficulty finding the property. Once they got the truck in position, they off-loaded everything efficiently and carefully. I was particularly impressed with how they juggled the dolly so that the threshold wouldn't be damaged. Both delivery men smelled excellent. I've noticed that most of the workers on our job are more dedicated to personal grooming than they used to be.

The tilers cut diamonds in the stucco on the front pillars where nine Mexican tiles will be inserted. Joy of joy, the plumbers arrived! They parked the car and plumber number one climbed out and stretched himself on the driveway in the sun. The driver, plumber number two was instantly asleep in the car. Why are plumbers always so exhausted?

Most of the day I spend scraping excess concrete off the screeds and removing masking tape lines from the stucco. Twenty hours more and I should have it licked.


  1. Oh, Helen, I'm so happy you're now a blogger.
    I just noticed you commenting on Robert's blog. Now we three can keep in touch even though we all live close enough to really keep in touch- this is so much easier. I'm off to check out your other blog.

  2. Thank you for your comment on Sepia Saturday. Yes it looked like a crowd. My guess is, that they supplied lunch for the upper echelon! the other, like it was usual then brought their own lunch; I think people did not have enough money to buy lunch,and I don't think they provided it free! Reading your post, you must be in the process of building or renovating your home.
    Avocados are wonderful, and so many varieties.
    Best wishes T.